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Do not be Deceived

We as mass population have been programmed and indoctrinated since we attended our first day in nursery unknowingly by the force of a society called the Freemasons that you've probably never heard of and they are controlling us by manipulating into accepting new policies and systematic changes which is suiting the agenda to where they want the world to be directed to there pinnacle destination.

Leaders of a country like president or prime minister are not elected by the public except in theory-they are chosen by the hidden hand with the candidate they want the most pitched against a candidate that is still acceptable if things don’t go according to plan.

All political parties are controlled by same secret societies. Your politicians are freemasons playing the role of leaders using a figurehead for example like Boris Johnson which people will set the blame on as an illusion while the main people are the freemasons (Hidden Hand) dictate all power.The Democracy is an illusion because it is to make people perceive that they want to make the country stable.

The main goal of the secret government is to expand Israel.How the hidden hand (Freemasons or Illuminati) make huge income through banks is that they control the political decisions to start wars that suit your agenda; you hand over taxpayers money for you to buy arms from the big industry businesses; then, when all this has devastated the target country and its population you get yourself awarded billion pounds worth of contracts to rebuild what you have destroyed. This World is being directed by a level of evil that is almost impossible to comprehend through coercion,deception, bribery, blackmail,murder,and even war.

The way governments gets things done these days:Manipulate the public into demanding the things they wanted on the first place by creating a problem which effects people by asking the government to help them and they find a solution which the government wanted in the first place. This process is a way of making the population feeling powerless so people have a quick escape to the problem without questioning the government because every new plan the government proposes has a side effect later, For example BREXIT,soon a cashless society with high control over population through United nations AGENDA 21 World Order.people in society are now snowflakes in this century, we need to fight for our rights and question the government.

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