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How Music and Film entertainment industries are destroying the Hearts and mind of the Population.

We seem to hear music wherever we go in society,but have you ever asked what really goes on in music industries? Did you know 90% of musicians do black magic rituals with satanic encrypted messages in their music? What this means is that music makes you feel good with satanic possession which makes you feel addicted to music.

Music opens a gateway for demonic possession in to the heart because singers such as Rhianna,Jay Z,Beyonce,Lady Gaga,Drake and many more singers are designed to make their followers stay away from their religion and follow in the footsteps of Satan/Devil. You may think this is crazy but they are serving the agenda of the freemasons to control and change your way of thinking. Women who are obsessed with Drake clearly miss the signs of how the music industry is Brainwashing mass population by making them think music (Lucifer/Iblees) is the only happiness by taking the mass population away from the God Almighty who created you. Submitting to the satanic elites which makes them an opposition to God. Music is an industry where there is a lot of sexual abuse,drugs,pedophilia, gun crime,sex. And many more which dictate your emotions to depression and anxiety. When people sing music unconsciously in there heads it's a form of communication with satan's encryptic messages to your lifestyle and emotions which make you far off from Gods help and which therefore means you are now under the enslavement and command of Satan/Devil which will lead you to an unhappy life of ignorance which a society has become enslaved with. Until you realise what's destroying you only then you can snap out of it again control of your ,life again and true happiness away from these Industries which decieve everyone.

Alongside music,is Hollywood which I call a Psychological Operation in the cinema. You have children already being programmed with these films to change a mentality at such a young age.But for the entertainment industry it doesn't matter if there are love scenes for such young have children wanting to be Spider Man,Superman, and the young girls want to be like Disney's Hannah Montana as Miley Cyrus who was a role model at a young age for Disney watchers and now has become a Wrecking Destruction choosing to follow the footsteps of the Devil to make millions in her adult life, along comes Ariana Grande who was another sweet character in her young days for Nickelodeon watchers and same as Miley she too has become enslaved to the Devil openly admitted to following the kabbalah which is a Satanic Bible of the Illuminati. Is this what we want our Children to be? Follow in they way of someone who started as innocent to become enslaved with an environment of the Evil elites? The use of taking innocent children and stealing their purity is a top goal to draw everyone away from a loving God, to the god of this fallen world.  Satanists know what is good and they seek to reverse it quite simply by making what is good, evil and what is evil, good.  And we are being blasted non-stop assault via media influences that are designed to entertain and indoctrinate.

The idea that Walt Disney was a secret Satanist is typically considered an urban legend by many people. we should at least consider some clear facts:

1) He had an ongoing acquaintance with Anton Levay, the author of the Satanic Bible and the leader of the Church of Satan
2) Likewise, Anton Levay considered him highly, to such an extent that he would openly state that the followers of Satan should consider Walt Disney as one of their “guides!”
3) Anton Levay also (in that same reference) connects Walt Disney with Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, the Russian composer who wrote the orchestral tone poem Night on Bald Mountains was the piece featured in the part of Disney’s Fantasia by the same name–the one which has a clearly Satanic theme!

”Why is Disney so consistently connected with promoting the occult and sex themes to kids, Why?!

He often placed Satanic themes in several of his movies, not just Fantasia.5) He not only placed Satanic themes in his movies but also sexual, Satanic and hidden occult symbolism and imagery.6) His trademark signature contains 3 hidden 6’s, that is ‘666!’ 666 is the number of the King of Satan Iblees/Lucifer.

Blog by Abeed Rashid

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