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Humbleness VS Arrogance Which side do you stand on?

We are all living in a World where a person thinks he or she is of superiority because he or she has a nice car,lots of money, can buy anything in the world. But how do you know you will live another night? Death exists for a reason as life in this world is not to boast about chasing illusions for instance material possessions. I'm glad some people are waking up to whats happening around the world but its still not enough percentage to overthrow the evil forces which is destroying our society. On the other hand we have people chasing illusions thinking "it wont effect me as you only live once and you must enjoy life", yes that is fine for now which is ignorance for your future family generation which will be effected of a future of fascist Society if world population are too busy living in fear and ignorance.

When we see homeless people what is our reaction? do we think about helping our fellow human beings to make that first change in the world for humanity? Since 9/11 attacks in America unnecessary excuses made to invade countries who had no effect on 9/11 which cost the lives of 6 million deaths and maybe more in Afghanistan,Syria,Libya,Sudan,Somalia,Iraq and predicted Invasions on the way. Its clear we have a world controlled by Arrogant and selfish Death Cults that have a cabal. Yet we sit back and allow an evil force to control our lives. Enough is enough do not be afraid to say "NO" to authority. You only get one shot at life no one has the right to control you! We must act now to take back the force of the Good otherwise we will completely be enslaved by evil and partly is happening to the world.

Only by uniting together we can eliminate evil but we must get the arrogance and pride out first because either people are addicted to personal desires that they don't want to give up by the luxury life they choose to live which makes them hinder the chance to save many of the population effected by the governments. Look at the likes of the Greatest Muhammad Ali he was a Famous Boxing Champion who refused to kill innocent people by rejecting the draft of the government for the War in Vietnam in 1966. The Champion then went on a campaign around the world as a UN Ambassador to countries such as Afghanistan who suffered a deadly war and brought back hope and light to the country. Every country Ali visited it brought a huge smile something Corrupt governments can never do to its people, the reason the governments are corrupt and pretend they care about the population is because they will panic if the population unite and fight the government because it is only the bankers and cooperation's who are linked with the Illuminati that are Satanists and Corrupter s who are really in charge of our Government and the Forces of Society. If only people knew how easy it is to defeat the army of Satan.

Being Evil is easy but being humble is hard as for some as its not nor a natural nature as it was not taught by parents itself,Life can only humble a person itself through life lessons. In life if you stay put with the wrong crowd,you adapt to its life transaction which can take a long process of getting out of depending on how wise a person is. The side of humbleness takes a lot of patience if they are hurt by the actions of the evildoer who have a heart of violence leading for destruction and trouble.

Psychologically we know what is right and wrong because all humans are born with a god gifted intellect that some people don't use and choose to believe world events by the corrupt media cooperation that deceives people full of propaganda rather people doing their own research to seek the truth of the world that we really live in.

Lets Help Humanity with Love and Compassion because in the End the Actions of the Side of Humbleness Will Always win over the side of the Evil Arrogance.


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