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A Friendship between Israel and United Arab Emirates,But we knew it would happen.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The new tie between Israel and the common Arab puppet of UAE was expected and not a huge surprise as in the past a tie was was already in place but not announced to the public.All leaders of every nation must be a puppet of the Zionist movement serving the agenda of the Illuminati. Any leader who chooses to reject the agenda of the global elite will be eliminated as the likes of John F.Kennedy who didn't like the idea of taking away peoples freedom by speaking out to the world,thereafter within ten days the CIA sent out a secret agent to eliminate Kennedy from the scene of the Zionist movement. Another man who rejected the Zionist movement was a man of elegance, he was Muammar Al-Ghaddafi who was fearless by ruling in his style and avoided the suiting the way of the Zionist movement and kept on warning his fellow Arab leaders the dangers of the plan of America they have with Israel. And help the people of Palestine,but the Gulf Arab leaders were clearly ignorant.Or maybe they are the Zionists of the Zionist movement to help with New World Policies. Ghaddafi was very brave even with the war and sanctions from the US for not following orders. Till 2011 it was the end of Ghaddafi and many countries like Russia knew months in advance that Ghaddafi's time was soon over as he rejected the US Dollar for his own Dinar Currency which would take over Africa and become the most powerful currency in the world.But clearly the Zionists do not like people who choose Good over Evil, they then divided the country into revolution to eliminate Ghaddafi and now people in Libya all live to regret of the time present compared to the reign of Ghaddafi.

Questions must be asked, are the Jews of Israel really Jews or are they a cover up of a programmed way of Jewish life? Remember Jews and Zionists are not the same but the Zionists have infiltrated religions including the Arabian leaders and given them a sect called Wahhabism which is the same as a Zionist to be extreme and killing innocent people which is used to portray Islam as a violent religion in the Media. with the help of the British government.

The people of Palestine always knew that Arab leaders were sheep of the Zionist movement otherwise Israel would not exist to this day,they have always deceived the people of Palestine people by making donating millions to help Palestinian or Syrian War but never did any handy work to help the people of there fellow Arabian brothers. Why do Israel get away with war crimes? and now they make ties with UAE, a pure betrayal. The Palestinian people have not agreed with any deal for a peace in Palestine. if so,What peace? to take over the entire population as a smokescreen for sure.Israel will plan a next move which is an excuse for an attack of expanding Israel bigger for there plan of the arrival of more wars.

Including Saudi Arabia who along with the help of Israel assassinated the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey and ever since then have become friends secretly.But dont get me started on Saudi as they are bombing Yemen, there own brothers with an excuse of attacking on Houthi Shia Rebels while the unquestioning media covers the fact that Yemeni Children are dying every 10 minutes. I will let you decide who is a Zionist and who is sincere of themselves. I will speak more about Saudi soon.

Abeed Rashid

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