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You know what really sickens me the most about this whole thing. It's not Bill Gates and the rest of the satanic blood drinking psycopaths who run this world who are controlling, manipulating, imprisoning, poisoning and murdering us. They're Evil psycopaths and its atleast expected from them.

Its the masses stupidity and simple disinterest in what's actually going on here that SICKENS ME . Everyone cowering in their homes waiting for their instructions from the masters through the brainwashing box. Wearing facemasks to go in to shops or public transport. Track and trace app Snitching on neighbours for going outside in the sun and complying like good little house slaves. Whilst thousands are on the streets all over the world demonstrating and fighting for their human rights the vast majority of Britain does NOTHING 🤬

We are literal prisoners to government guidelines, Peoples businesses have gone under, families having to use food banks, we're facing a worst depression known to mankind. Thousands committing suicide, thousands becoming victims of domestic violence and murder, mental health issues spiral out of control and old people die of loneliness and children suffering. All this based on lies, false data, fear porn and propaganda sold to us by our beloved Government and Mainstream media.

This was NEVER about a flu like virus with a 99.9% recovery rate 🙄The virus was/is simply the vechicle/tool they needed to sell the masses FEAR, PANIC AND PROPAGANDA so they could get us to voluntarily surrender our civil liberties many even BEGGING to be locked down.This has always been about using that FEAR to lock us down, to bring in draconian legislation under our noses giving unlimited power to the police state and to push for their main agenda of mandatory vaccines/id chips TOTAL CONTROL and surveillance using 5G facial recognition technology on every corner in some Chinese style social credit technocracy

Myself and thousands of you, have spent endless hours posting content/evidence showing medical professionals speaking out openly stating that hospitals were empty and that the government and mainstream media have been actively and openly manipulating infections numbers, death statistics and death certificates to suit their agenda to perpetuate this illegal lockdown. Yet still they don't care?

Instead choosing to parrot the BULLSHIT official narrative and police your neighbours with your moral outrage like good little nazi collaborators






In the end this unlawful lockdown will kill more people than any BS flu virus and we were ALL complicit in this. Blindly following orders and propaganda from corrupt government and media. Their reporting/senationalising of this WHOLE thing to sell the masses FEAR is nothing short of CRIMINAL and they need to be held accountable.

This long time planned and orchestrated SCAMdemic has been this biggest POWER GRAB, DECEPTION and THEFT of basic human rights/civil/liberties/freedoms in history of mankind. Yet In the age of the internet and all knowledge being at your fingertips YOUR ignorance is by choice.

But no worries, you just play in your garden as ALL our civil liberties are stripped away, while humanity is steered ever closer to a tyrannical, totalitarian, technocratic, satanic centralised government. Controlled, survailed, tracked chipped, poisoned and forcibly vaccinated.

Atleast they all had a few months locked in house having some real family time doing pathetic Facebook challenges, eating takeaways, drinking beer, playing on Tik tok and happy clapping at your back doors like performing seals to empty hospitals and dancing nurses in some weird Stockholm syndrome like scenario

While the world literally burned down around us

This Coronavirus fear mongering by the deep state will go down in history as one of the biggest hoaxes/frauds to manipulate economies, suppress decent and push MANDATED medicine ever known to man

Life as we all knew it will NEVER return

We tried

Hope their vaccine makes them feel safe 😏🙄


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Good article Abeed.

All we can do is continue to not comply.

I have never worn a muzzle, and I never will (willingly). I don't use their hand sanitizer and such rubbish.

The masses ignorance will be their downfall I'm afraid ...

A nation of sheep will breed a government of Wolves

And the wolves are here!

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