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What this SCAMDEMIC is REALLY About and what's next!

I want to highlight this early on as I’m sure

you guys will be so focused on researching the pandemic that you will probably be missing the real fear mongering coming next year.

Not to throw a massive spanner in the works, but the pandemic won’t be the only thing we will be protesting next year. It’s going to be World war 3 between China 🇨🇳 and America 🇺🇸, but this is all part of the plan of how the global media/corporations/bankers/ governments will turn us against each other and into a communist state without even knowing it. They will use war as the excuse for a million changes to how we live in the virtual / cyber world.

You have to just remember no man ever wants to fight another man (ask anyone). It’s governments fighting governments as a theatre 🎭 stage act. Remember they are the stage and we are the audience! Control our perceptions. Also remember that countries don’t exist anymore and have done so since WW2. The entire point of WW2 was wall st and the Rothschild central banking system to fund the rise of Hitler over 25 years in order to bring the world together fighting a common cause to create globalisation!!! Then out of globalisation the corporations could be born allowing them to control the world and not dismantled sections of it called countries.

No war in modern history has ever needed to happen. It’s only because the bankers (Rothschilds) are so power and control hungry with the Agenda they have to play the classic ‘Hegelian dialectic’ on us in order to trick the masses into thinking they are fighting for their country and or another reason like terrorism, even though Western Countries are the real terrorists stealing oil and opium from Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t forget the elite only use the geographical boundaries called “America” to go to war because the real weapon is the US Dollar. Once they put a central bank into a new country it implodes from within because the dollar debases their old currency because the dollar is the worlds reserve currency and is so strong. But we are just about to witness the end of the current monetary system because now the Rothschild banking system is moving us all over to digital currencies and blockchain / crypto’s as they destroy the old system by devaluing the dollar via quantitative easing (money printing). This way pave way for Chinese yuan to become the new worlds new reserve currency but also bringing a hellstorm of high interest,communism and surveillance with it.

If this doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry, as very few people have a financial IQ anymore because the financial education was removed by the Rockafeller family from the school syllabus all over the western world (not China though) in 1903.

This is a rough guide to what is coming, but there are so many other things on the way too. I can send you supporting links when I get a moment. Sorry for the long message, but this is really important you understand the end game here, it’s all about finance and control.

What the elite don’t want is a revolution. And that’s what we need to bring to them. Throughout history All empires have ended when the masses create a revolution. Basically a taste of their own medicine. Force something upon them involving everyone saying NO!!! No more!!

We need to fight for the banking system to be removed as a private company. That’s the issue, the rothchilds own the media, pay the politicians and enslave humanity with a debt / credit based monetary that is designed to keep humans in debt. It’s a loop we need to break and educate the masses on finances and how the world really works. If we can expose the banks for who they really are (warlords, drug dealers etc etc) and flush out and expose the political scumbags taking all the payouts then humanity have a chance.

being aware they we are in a matrix type illusion is message we need to spread, you need people to unplug, but we can’t do that for them, it has to be voluntary. If the human race can wake up the masses and topple the banking empire then we stand a chance. But as I said, we aren’t out numbered, we are just unorganised.

The reason why lockdowns are so effective for the elite, is that it isolates humans only to be able to using social media to communicate the idea of revolution.... and the elite control social media so if and when it gets to a tipping you will start to see black outs of social media platforms deleting resistance media then it will come back online saying hackers have been effecting what you are seeing so they need to take control. That’s how China changed/destroyed the internet. It’s classic Hegelian dialectic again (problem ➡️ reaction ➡️ solution)

We need to use our own platforms that Incorporate blockchain technology to keep it secure from the internet police so we can stay organised and online because they will eventually block all of us.



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