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Where are you for your Suffering People Bashar Al-Assad!?

Since the Heartbreaking Civil war in Syria in 2011 many of the civilians have been force to flee as refugees in surrounding countries who have welcomed the citizens. But when your away from your home for many years your heart will always miss the true home. This first started out with a revolution which made the way for a deadly force to interfere called ISIS so called Islamic Rebels who in fact are a creation of America's CIA. America then used an excuse to invade Syria masquerading to help the Syrian people and stop ISIS. But if America is powerful why does it take around 8 years to stop a rebel group? which clearly indicates they have been Funding,Arming and training ISIS alongside Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey with the use of intelligent services helping to bring citizens across the world the join this Bogus Jihad.

The Muslim countries are all asleep as usual seeing many die and no one speaking out for the war which pulled in Iraq who suffered previously is 2003 justified by 9/11 on War on Terror by War Criminals Tony Blair and Bush serving the Agenda. Why do innocent people have to suffer who are living their lives peacefully?

Bashar Al-Assad has been President since 17 July 2000 to this day and has elections coming up.From early on, the uprising and the regime’s response had a sectarian dimension. Many of the protesters belonged to the country’s Sunni majority, while the ruling Assad family were members of the country’s ʿAlawite minority. ʿAlawites also dominated the security forces and the irregular militias that carried out some of the worst violence against protesters and suspected opponents of the regime. Sectarian divisions were initially not as rigid as is sometimes supposed, though; the political and economic elite with ties to the regime included members of all of Syria’s confessional groups—not just ʿAlawites—while many middle- and working-class ʿAlawites did not particularly benefit from belonging to the same community as the Assad family and may have shared some of the protesters’ socioeconomic grievances.

As the conflict progressed, however, sectarian divisions hardened. In his public statements, Assad sought to portray the opposition as Sunni Islamic extremists in the mold of America's Creation ISIS and Al-Qaeda and as participants in foreign conspiracies against Syria. The regime also produced propaganda stoking minorities’ fears that the predominately Sunni opposition would carry out violent reprisals against non-Sunni communities.

With all this much damage it will not bring back the beautiful Syria of before, The Zionist movement working via America are desperate for the end of Bashar Al-Assad to have a regime change like in Iraq. Syria will soon rise as the people of Syria are Courageous Lions.

These Wars have been long planned from a script from the Zionist movement for an agenda plan of the Oded Yinon plan to expand Israel to Greater Israel,so far as a prophecy from Egypt's River Nile to the Euphrates in Iraq.

Oded Yinon Plan for Greater Israel
Oded Yinon Plan

Bashar Al-Assad or a new leader can not be a puppet or a sheep to the Zionist Agenda or it will be elimination of Syria along with Iraq and Libya which will mean a new takeover for an expansion of Israel will come suited. The people of Syria need us and we shall not allow evil to takeover the hones of innocent people who just want to live peacefully with their families. Whether its Bashar Al-Assad or a new leader his first focus must be to rebuild and fire up the economy but will happen with patience and virtue. Uniting the people Syria is very important as division is what the Zionist movement want as it causes cataclysm. You may think a rebuild is impossible,but in times of hardship unity is needed to build what has been lost in the heartbreaking War. In Winter Despite reaching temperatures of up to 45 degree Celsius in some areas during the summer, winter in Syria can be very harsh and include prolonged periods of snow and temperatures below zero, its heartbreaking to see innocent babies and children suffering in these climates that will effect their lives severely and God bless all the Charity organisations sending blankets and food to help the needy people who don't deserve this suffering. We must count our blessings for what we have as many people around the World do not have the luxuries of a normal life either suffering from oppression,War,Lack of food. Life is not about Money,Life is about Kindness,Love Compassion.

The Statistic of Syria:

5.6 MILLION Estimated number of registered Refugees

6.2 MILLION Estimated number of internally displaced people in Syria

Syria now

Lives are at risk as hundreds of thousands of people find themselves squashed into smaller and more vulnerable areas, where exploitation, poverty, and malnutrition are on the rise.

Right now in Syria, 6.5 million people need food to survive. Medicines are running out. Hospitals are being bombed. Doctors are working by torchlight. With half of all healthcare facilities shut, services are stretched to the brink, the virus is at risk of spiralling, and the most vulnerable people are put at even greater risk.

It Seems World War 3 is not far away butt this time the hosts will be the Middle East which will manifest in most parts. Israel's involvement in the region of parts of Syria will be a plot to gaining control with an excuse of Iranian threat to Israel when the threat is Israel.

Suspected Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria killed 16 Iran-backed fighters on Thursday 3rd September, an activist group that monitors the war reported, hours after Damascus said it intercepted Israeli missiles fired at a central air base.

Those killed were "Iraqi paramilitary fighters loyal to Iran, seven of whom were killed outside the city of Mayadeen," Rami Abdul Rahman, head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said.

The other nine were killed in strikes south of the city of Abu Kamal, on the Iraqi border further east. 

Abdul Rahman said Israel was likely responsible for the attack, which if confirmed, would mark the second such strike in less than 24 hours and the third this week.

Late on Wednesday, Syrian air defences intercepted missiles fired by an Israeli warplane at the T4 air base in central Syria, state news agency SANA reported. 

"Our air defences intercepted most of them," it said, adding that the attack caused only material damage. 

It Seems that its not long before a Full out War or Nuclear Attack is paving the way for World War 3. Please Donate for the people of Syria

"A ten-year-old Syrian today will never have known a world without conflict. Across Syria, 11.7 million people need humanitarian support, and almost 1 million have fled their the bombs in Idlib since December."


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