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Why the Satanic Government want you to live in Fear and who are the World Elites leading the Agenda?

We live in a World when since we were born our lives and perceptions been programmed unknowingly since schooldays,telling us what is right and what is wrong, what she do and what to forbid. Teaching us History which teachers themselves have sheeply learned from their school years by Hidden Hand agenda and become brainwashed to teach others. For Example in school they will teach about World War 2 and the main point will be Hitler hated the Jews and killed 6 million of them in the concentration camp. But there was more to it then that story as they don't teach the secret dealings That George Bush's Grandfather Prescott Bush who was a member on The Skull and Bones Society who was a Nazi himself had made a deal with Hitler to set concentration camps in Germany through private funding through The Council on Foreign Relations to Hitler through banks in Holland which Hitler Agreed that if he can get the Jews out of Germany to Palestine then America would make Hitler a Powerful man in Europe, Little did Hitler know of the betrayal by Prescott Bush and America subsequently.

We have been programmed to believe everything on the News and if we question the Government people will think we are Crazy or mad, as mass population are living in a fantasy world thinking the Government actually cares about you. The news is only there to divert attention away from what's really happening. The Government like Prime ministers and Presidents are just Puppets of the Hidden hand Government who are the Freemasons and Cooperations who are really controlling the World countries. When you vote in elections it doesn't matter because the both parties are serving the same Agenda.

Do we Fear God or Satan?

No one has the right to control you, you are a Creation From God and you have every right to live in freedom. They want to enslave us because they are pushing for the Agenda of a one world government which will eliminate the freedom. But once you wake up and have the courage of fighting the one percent who are controlling the World Become very afraid of unity which is why they divide to rule the population. To Fight this in reality the knower, the knower,the known and the knowledge are one. To gain this knowledge it is necessary to stop thinking altogether-which means that the one who has this cannot be trapped by the educational and media conditioning process, since this conditioning is only successful where the thought process has been attracted, harnessed and programmed.

By Examining changes the changes in the legal system over the last hundred years it is clear that the society we live in today has been hijacked by an Satanic force which is pushing its agenda to the pinnacle and continues to do so. Whereas a hundred years ago the laws of most of today's countries were based on the remnants of the teachings of God's Prophet such as Jesus,Muhammad and others which had a Peaceful life transaction on humanity and Society compared to now as they are unashamedly designed to control and Manipulate wherever possible. It is Said that the laws have been passed to create a more just society, but in reality their effect has been to keep the majority of the population firmly enmeshed in to enslavement.

Again, that insidious doctrine, the doctrine of evolution is invoked in order to persuade people that the legal system is progressing and getting better, which it will continue to do, until it finally collapses, brought down by its own weight. Do you want live in Reality or This Satanic Deception? YOU DECIDE

Who are the Ruling Elite behind Governments?

It is now necessary to take take a closer look at who they are. Co-ordinated control of the of the apparently separate albeit interlinking systems sub-systems which together form an Anti-Christ/Dajjal system, is made possible by the existence of the ruling elites secret organisations which are the hidden hand government that pull the strings of the puppet prime mimister or presidents. The hidden hand have various lodges of the freemasons where they do satanic sacrifices and rituals. The ruling elite are the Freemasons,The Illuminati, Luciferian Trust and many Elites who are the elite Army of Iblees/Lucifer.

Their activities are masked by the popular misconception that the freemasons are no more than a fraternity who help each other in the business world and do charitable work. This is true, but the extent of that mutual assistance, and the high degree of influence and control which they exercise, is hidden from public knowledge. The hierarchy within these,as is typically usual which you see yourself, is pyramidical in form. One of their symbols is the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, the eye of the Anti-Christ/Dajjal. The freemasons are black magicians of the twentieth century. All magic is concerned with a formal manipulation of existence which is conducted in such a way that the method used to achieve the desired result is not apparent to the onlooker. This accurately describes the nature of freemasonsic activity in the sphere of the economy which serves the agenda of the Anti-Christ system, even to the point where governments are subverted and wars engineered by these Zionist groups in order that debts may be created, by supplying so-called advisors and arms at a cost,which are further inflated by charging interest on the debts thereby incurred. So now we have a world run by these satanic elites who seek nothing but evil,corruption and deception.Its time now we unite as humanity and eliminate these forces of evil and bring back the true,faithful and sincere life.


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