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Will Israel Nuclear attack Iran and what would happen to the World?

It seems sometimes tension rises with Israel and Iran and sometimes drops with a sanction on from the US. Iran is the only country standing sincerely of abhorrence. its clear with the sanctions from US that they provoked the Iranians last year by killing the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani via a drone strike on an operation called Martyr Soleimani. Iran responded by ballistic Missiles but the US reported none of its comrades were killed or injured.

Tensions clearly are rising as Iran are reported to have valuables of Nuclear Warheads and Uranium which is big in the attention of the US and Israel. but it does not end there. Iran have a pact with Russia,China who are already in an economic war with the US,its clear the US always want to be number one, and anyone overtaking the US becomes an enemy as China's Huawei technology brand were attempted to be sanctioned by US.But the Chinese stood firm and chose to lash out at the US and North Korea who are also in opposition to US. Is World War 3 on the Way? it seems there can only be one superpower ruling this crazy world. Where has the love and peace gone?

Secret meetings with Israel and Iran Ambassadors

The centre right Israeli daily newspaper, Maariv declares that last week, Israel and Iran took part in secret negotiations in Jordan. According to Maariv, the negotiations took place in a plush hotel in Amman, the capital of Jordan. It appears that the Israeli delegation included several higher officials and the Vice-Director of Mossad. As for the Iranian delegation, it was headed by Iran’s ambassador to Jordan. The two delegations never actually managed to meet face-to-face: a Jordanian was tasked with going to and fro between the rooms of the Israeli and the Iranians. Maariv did not specify whether Syria was represented in these negotiations. Maariv also declares also that the parties have sketched out an agreement that it appears, would: • Require Iranian forces and the Hezbollah to withdraw from the south of Syria; • Require the Syrian Arab Republic to give a guarantee that Iran will not intervene in the areas around Israel • Require Jordan to stop jihadists from entering Syria from its territory and • Require Israel to put an end to all intervention in Syria.

Tensions are High

The possibility of face-to-face talks or even a photo opportunity between leaders of two nations that have been iconic foes for four decades would almost seem like a fantasy scenario.
United States President Donald Trump of Course USA always involved in Every conflict. (L), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (C), and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R)

Arab states with whom (Israel) does not have (diplomatic) relations until the announcement of UAE making ties with Israel and im pretty sure Saudi Arabia have been friends with the Israeli's since the beginning of Israel. Iran is united with Jerusalem’s position against its main adversary, the Islamic Republic of Iran. During Jerusalem’s weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu underscored that under the leadership of the United States, the international community is uniting to prevent Iran’s malign activities, and he vowed to continue “to act constantly” to ensure Israel’s security, amid Tehran’s aspirations to acquire nuclear weapons and to further entrench itself militarily in Syria. The Premier stressed “The relationship between Israel and the United States is stronger than it has ever been. In this conference (something) happened, perhaps something you noticed, a historic change of great importance to Israel. There were sixty Foreign Ministers and representatives of countries (in attendance), including Arab states with whom we do not have (diplomatic) relations, who sat with Israel and also united with Israel’s position against Iran. Iranian aggression is the main factor that destabilises the Middle East and the entire world according to Israel that are violating the laws against the people of Palestine. Israel want to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and stop its military entrancement in Syria. Netanyahu says "We will continue to act constantly to ensure Israel’s security.”

To assure Israel’s freedom of military action against its northern neighbors, ensure the preservation of Jerusalem’s declared red-lines, when Netanyahu met Russian President Vladimir Putin. They discussed further strengthening of the coordination mechanism in order to prevent friction between the IDF and the Syrian army and yet Israel funds these terror groups like ISIS. Israel said "These talks are very important, and they are part of our ongoing effort to ensure Israel’s freedom of action against Iran and its proxies, which declare their intention to use Syria as a front in their war to destroy Israel.” The Israeli's are using these proxy ISIS groups to cause more refugees so that the plan of Israel is expanded.

While Netanyahu re-emphasized Jerusalem’s resolve to thwart the Islamic Republic’s military entrenchment along Israel’s northern frontier; the Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that the continued actions undertaken by Israel against Iranian forces in Syria have created ‘a great risk of war’ between the two countries which is what the US and Israelis want but the war is to be held in Iran and a Nuclear War. In a Q&A session at Germany’s annual ‘Munich Security Conference,’ the top Iranian diplomat asserted that the Islamic Republic – which entered Syria on the invitation of the Damascus regime – has the legitimacy, under international law, to operate in the war-torn country. Zarif said his county is “in Syria on the invitation of the Syrian government for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism, there’s no other reason for our being there. I think last time I checked international law: violating Lebanon’s airspace and shooting into Syria is a violation of international law. And the international community of all people in Europe which believes international law is the foundation of international order is blaming us and not blaming the Israelis for violating international law. So, let’s wake up.” When asked by the moderator if “The risk (of war with Israel) is great,” he replied “The risk is great. But the risk will be even greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe violations of international law.”

Before the Q&A session, Minister Zarif addressed the conference on the views Iran holds vis-à-vis the latest security developments across the Middle East, and the global arena at large. His address focused primarily on the Islamic Republic’s defiance of the United States, and he also took the opportunity to condemn the latest efforts undertaken by the Euro 3, which include France, Britain and Germany, on their efforts to preserve the 2015 nuclear agreement. The Iranian Foreign Minister added that “For instance, INSTEX (special purpose vehicle) falls short of commitments by the E3 (France, Britain & Germany) to save the nuclear deal. Europe needs to be willing to get wet if it wants to swim against the dangerous tide of U.S. unilateralism.”

A senior commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed his country has the most advanced missile technology in the Middle East.

“Today, we rank first in the missile technology at the regional level and are placed among the few global powers in this regard,” Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the IRGC Aerospace Force, was quoted as saying Sunday by Press TV.

Hajizadeh claimed Iran was the leading regional power on drone technology and said the IRGC’s downing of a US unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in June showed the capabilities of Iranian radar and air-defense systems.

What would happen if a Nuclear attack happens on Iran?

A war on Iran will one day happen as the Zionist movement are desperate to install a new puppet in Iran to do their dirty work. Look at Libya when Ghaddafi rejected America, the Zionists waited patiently and in the end got their prize. And now Libya faces catastrophe. If an attack on Iran does happen, firstly a regime change in Iran will happen and they will welcome a lot of Jewish people to make residence in Iran. Secondly this will be planned to crash the entire World Economy and Banking system including the United States who are puppets to Israel which will mean the End of the Pax Americana World Order and a New World Order Controlled and Dictated by Israel which will officially mean Israel control the World which they already do via American Military and Intelligence with a hidden hand network within every nation governments except Iran,China,Russia and North Korea who have their own systems and intelligence. But a Nuke on Iran Will take a long time to build up as these events may trigger World War 3 which will impact the World setting it up for the End of the World according to Prophecies.


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